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A little about me:

I was a firefighter for the College Station Fire Department for 33 years.I volunteered with the Youth Livestock Board for over 20 years.I currently work for American Airlines and enjoy traveling with my beautiful family.


When is the election date?The election is on March 3rd.
Do I live in the precinct you will be serving?Pretty much if you live in the area around A&M Consolidated High, Southwood Valley, Shenandoah, Riatta, Edelweiss, Dove Crossing, Peach Creek, Millican, Indian Lakes, Nantucket, Bentwood, Duck Haven, Saddle Creek, Straub Rd, Sayersville, Allen Farm, Wellborn, Castlegate, Castle Rock, Woodlake, Sweetwater, River Bend, River Run, Quail Run or any of the other beautiful areas around there, you are in Precinct One.
I'd like to help out. How can I get involved?Send me a message in the contact form below or give me a call at 979-777-3742. We appreciate everyone's involvement in serving our community.


Mike for Commissioner - Mike Knows Service

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